Auto Score Answer Sheets Using Mobile or Scanner

Grade with Click'n'Grade

Create Assessment

Create a Generic Assessment or create from Question Bank

Print Answer Sheets

Print Answer Sheets from Laptop/Desktop/Tablet

Auto Grade

Scans answer sheet using iOS/Android App or Scanner

Export to Gradebook

Highlight improvement areas and understand knowledge gaps

Scan. Click. Autograde.

Access students on regular paper. Autograde using a scanner or a mobile device.

The simpler way to Assessments

Get Started Quickly:

  • Download and print free Answer Sheets
  • Install Click'n'Grade   
  • Create new Assessment
  • Scan and Autograde Assessment
  • Review item analysis and graded Assessments
  • Export PDF or CSV reports

Additional Features:

  • Excel Export/Import question bank
  • Multiple Choice Item Question bank
  • Customizable Answer Sheets and Questions
  • Easy and Fast printable Answer Sheets
  • Accurate Marking
  • Share Quizzes with Colleagues
  • Unlimited number of questions in assessments

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